Joel Razi Lutfiyya consults with entrepreneurs to build the business of their dreams and builds growth, reputation and evangelism for small and medium size companies.

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What Business Growth Looks Like

1. Increasing net revenues by taking a deep dive into current operating costs to flush out unnecessary expenses and control rising costs through precise budgeting practices.

2. Grow reputation through an established and cohesive branding initiative that is consumer friendly and accurately reflects the services, values and desired quality of the business.

3. Build evangelism by creating a customer friendly environment that encourages and makes it easy to refer new business through incentives.

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In Good Company – Who I’ve Worked With

Who I've Worked With

Some Happy Clients

“We were looking for ways to introduce Millennials to the idea of custom clothier services and Joel helped us develop a strategy that tied our values with those of younger consumers to find common ground in social responsibility in the clothing industry. We’ve used this bridge to introduce how we’re different from big box clothing stores and don’t take advantage of unfair labor wages worldwide.”

- David Shockley

Savile Row

“As a non-profit organization, we have to keep our internal operational costs low and our monthly output was beginning to creep higher than our income. Joel was able to take a deep dive into our operating costs and find areas where we’re over spending and money is leaking out due to rising costs. We were nervous to let an outsider see our internal costs but now that we’re operating at a surplus again, we’re thrilled with the results.”

- Larry Abrams

ProNet International Gifts & Scholarships

“We had a huge list of email and mailing addresses and had no ideas on how to leverage them to grow sales from existing customers until Joel assisted us with developing a rewards program and backed it up with an ad campaign to promote it.”

Mark Tramontina

Riverside Sweets

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