Yes………you can hustle yourself into burn out mode. And as a matter of fact, I’ve done it myself.

The word hustle has become a mainstay among entrepreneurs to describe the grind we all go through to build our businesses. But as with everything in life, moderation is key.

I’ve gone through those times where I’ve worked 100 plus hours per week, never taking time off and pushing myself to the limits, and to be blunt, it sucked big time. I was irritable, cranky and just not a good person to be around. But it’s what I thought I had to do to succeed.

But after I had a minor breakdown following an extremely stressful event I was planning, I suddenly stopped working so many hours each day and started to enjoy life again and what I found out shocked me…….I was actually having more success when I didn’t work all the time.

It was hard for me to explain while I was in the moment but now looking back I get it. I was hustling way too hard and I didn’t give myself the time or space away from the business to see the big picture.

Now I know it’s hard to tell business owners to not work so much and I still find myself constantly thinking, planning and strategizing my next moves, but I make sure to dedicate some time to non-business related activities each day.

So don’t quit the hustle, but be sure to hustle responsibly and allow yourself to reboot and recharge so you don’t burn out.


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