Have you ever heard the phrase “Take a leap of faith”? I’m sure you have as that phrase has been uttered in many circumstances including entrepreneurship. But what is faith?

When we discuss the topic of faith in startup entrepreneurship, we’re not referring to the more common connotation associated with religious studies. We mean it to be a clear feeling and understanding that as an entrepreneur, you will struggle through tough times and rough patches, but no matter what comes your way, you will persevere and continue your path with little to no deterrents.

It’s easy to say in a piece of writing that entrepreneurs MUST continue moving forward no matter what struggles find their way into their lives, but this is where faith becomes so important.

Acquiring faith is not about going into the journey blind to what and probably will go wrong. It’s having the ability to rise above the negative circumstances in triumph with an actionable plan of success.

It truly is lonely at the top and entrepreneurs often face scrutiny and ridicule in all directions from customers to employees and even those who are close to us in our personal lives. You must become a master of ignoring and escaping the negatives around you.

Becoming a magician of sorts to make all the destructive vibes we face disappear requires faith in knowing that we’re making the right choices and moving in the right direction even when it feels like we’re not.

Faith is the power of belief in you. It is the one and only thing that will keep you going when the shit hits the fan and the world seems to turn against you. You must find our own way of keeping the faith and transmuting it into power and action.

Maybe you turn to religion, mentors, inspirational books, or friends and family to recapture your lost sense of faith, but whatever your technique is, you must know how to turn that faith into real action.

Faith alone will not produce success and riches. But faith mixed with hard work, intelligence and vision is a hard combination to beat no matter what comes your way.


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