Joel Razi Lutfiyya is a business and marketing consultant who primarily focuses his energy on helping companies build growth, reputation and evangelism for their brand using a common-sense approach.

He does this by taking the solid foundation of traditional business principles and reworking them to fit in today’s changing consumer habits. While technology has and continues to drive companies to change how they produce, sell and deliver products to consumers, success in business still relies on providing quality goods and services at a fair price to those who need them.

With so many consultants and gurus out there online, it can be overwhelming to select the right one for you. Information comes at you at supersonic speed and before you know it, it’s all swirling inside your head with no way of organizing it.

Online marketers have their own ideas of how a business should be operated and the best methods of getting in front of potential customers, but Joel offers no slick, impossible to recreate, sales funnels or tricks. When you work with Joel, you’ll strip down every aspect of your business to examine what’s working and what isn’t. Joel doesn’t believe in quick fixes or using band aids to heal broken arms because he’s an entrepreneur and knows how critical it is to create a solid foundation for your business.

In St. Louis, MO, he was the beneficiary of growing up in an entrepreneurial family with his parents owning small convenient stores throughout the city. Joel learned at an early age that business ownership is a tough but very rewarding way to earn a living. Now, he uses this experience along with his 10 plus years in working with major brands to bring you the same ‘Big Brand Thinking’ to your business.

Joel’s ready to work with entrepreneurs at any stage no matter if you’re just getting started or already have an established company. And if you’re ready to work with somebody with a track record of success, Joel would love to offer you a Complimentary Consultation.

Let’s figure out what works!

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