Business Launch Guide E-book


Creating a plan for your business is a crucial step in the process of launching. While there are a lot of business plan templates widely available in books and online, this business launch guide will cover many of the same areas but in a less formal and easier format to complete.



If you’re ready to start a business, then the Business Launch Guide is your necessary tool to doing it right. Within the guide, you’ll find an easy to follow questionnaire that covers all the essential topics a traditional business plan features. Use the Launch Guide to quickly answer all the detailed areas you’ll need to cover for startup in this shortened version.

The launch guide includes:

  • Business Validation Exercises.
  • Startup Cost Evaluation.
  • Business Operations Evaluation.
  • Marketing and Promotion Exercises.
  • Startup Capital Exercises.
  • Identifying Capital Resources
  • Branding Exercises
  • Finding Vendors
  • Target Market Exercises
  • Crafting A Sales Pitch
  • Develop A Sales Infrastructure
  • Developing Employee Pay And Benefits
  • Sales Analysis And Evaluation


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