I’m an entrepreneur at heart but I’ve been a leader in the marketing and advertising world for over 10 years. I’m now bringing my knowledge of starting and growing businesses together with my experience marketing major brands such as Weber Spices, Walmart/Sam’s Club and Eaton Corporation to offer expertise to small and medium size businesses.

Below are my core offerings but I love a challenge so if you’re curious how I can serve you, please Contact me today.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Running a business is a challenge and it helps to have someone in your corner that not only has an outside looking in perspective, but can guide you through current road blocks and the rough terrain that’s still to come. We’ll evaluate how your business is performing and correct any internal or external issues we discover while positioning your company for future growth.

Marketing and Advertising


It’s not just crafting your message that’s important, but also choosing how it’s delivered, who it’s delivered to, as well as how it’s monitored and evaluated for success. We’ll work together to find your audience and use the proper vehicles to deliver your message and determine what’s working, and what isn’t in your marketing strategy.

Business Start Up

Business Start-Up

Becoming an entrepreneur is an exciting time in anyone’s life but it can be extremely overwhelming. I will assist you with every step in the process from incorporating to developing a go to market strategy and make sure you have all your ducks in a row for a successful launch. No matter where you are in the process, it’s never too early to get outside help. So even if you’re still thinking of starting a business, feel free to contact me.

Operational Efficiency Evaluation

Operational Efficiency Evaluation

Running a business that’s lean and mean is everyone’s goal. But as your business grows and changes, the things that tend to get out of balance first are your workflows, inventory and operations which jeopardize customer relations and fulfillment accuracy, resulting in lost business and revenue. We’ll work together to evaluate your processes to determine if you’re operating in the most efficient manner for revenue growth.

Let’s figure out what works!

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