Is cursing acceptable in business? When is it okay to curse in the business environment and when is it frowned upon?

Growing up, I always believed that cursing was to be done in front of friends and family behind closed doors. But I’ve noticed the foul language barrier evaporating in the business world in recent years.

Now sure, like any group who is close will at least occasionally let out an F-bomb or describe a horrid something or other as shit but when you’re with a group or individual you don’t know that well who perhaps are customers or vendors of yours, is it acceptable to let the obscenities fly?

Now it goes without saying that directing any foul language at an individual or using any racial or gender slurs is not accepted no matter how close you are to the target. But the use of curse words in casual conversation seems to be an accepted practice.

I can’t tell you the extent of the words you’re allowed to use in conversation as that will depend on the audience. But if you seem to have a good relationship with them, dropping some bad words here and there doesn’t seem like the worst thing you could do.


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